We render Legal support and advisory services in specialist areas that power the operational efficiency of our clients in order to minimize business risks associated with making uninformed decisions and avoid pitfalls thereby empowering our clients to make informed decisions that promote long-term success.
We offer Legal Advisory services such as;
  • Legal Advisory – for individual and organizational business transactions, issuing Legal Opinions on issues/principles of law and advising on possible liabilities, responsibilities, and rights of individuals and organizations;
  • Legal Writing/Draftng – Business correspondences (Official Letters), drafting of relevant¬† Company Policies, Development of Company publicity materials, setting up and documenting internal organizational structures for companies.
  • Legal Compliance – Company incorporation, statutory and regulatory compliance, property administration, corporate restructuring amongst others.
  • Legal Documentation – Negotiation and drafting of Property/Estate documentation, Assets purchase documentation, shareholders documentation, and partnership documentation amongst others.
  • Legal Review – review of transaction agreements/contracts including Bid terms and conditions, Contract Agreements, facility agreements, Non Disclosure Agreements, Loan Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Lease agreements, Escrow Agreements, employee contracts terms
Ensuring your business stays compliant and protected