Good company governance begins with a legal framework, that works to bring together required documentation, processes, protocols, and procedures in a congruous and executable corporate governance framework. We look at what works well, and what needs to be redeveloped, re-written, or consigned to the archives in your organization. We offer custom made Corporate Governance solutions for organizations such as:
  • Board Sensitization Sessions (BSS) – Seminars, workshops, and technical briefings fit for purpose to the needs of your board
  • Implementation of Tech-enabled Board Governance Solutions.
  • Industry & Organization specific Directors’ Onboarding/Induction programs – Well structured Induction processes tailored directly to the needs of your organization to endure everyone hits the ground running. We can also help draft directors’ service contracts/ appointment letters.
  • Directors’ Training, Board Evaluations – Bespoke Board Assessments that ensure your Board is well aligned with Strategic objectives.
  • Corporate Governance Systems Audits.
Building a solid foundation of corporate governance